It’s a bit of a Learning Curve, eh?

After being gently prodded by my friend to write a real blog, I complied.  And now it appears that the only thing to see is my latest blog.  Nowhere to comment, no archives, nothing.  Now I have searched all my settings and everything is turned on.  Sigh.  What next!!


On the Magic of Music

Sun is Shining by Bob Marley was remixed by ReUnited.  I fell in love.  Until I got to Colour In My Name by Spiral System.  And then Beautiful World remix by MRJ rocked my world and officially become my Joy Song.  All this music comes to me via Nia routines I am in the midst of learning and teaching.  It is music that stirs my soul.

Last week I was lucky enough to see Thievery Corporation outside on a summer evening in Milwaukee.  Nearly two hours of continuous play; band jams, multiple vocalists, changing genres and a receptive crowd created a perfect evening.  Toward the end, they sang The Hearts A Lonely Hunter.  It was an awesome sensation when a song I have taught in my Nia classes came alive through the musicians.

I have always enjoyed live music.  Nia brought to me the power of listening.  Watching a band allows me to listen and watch at the same time.  What a joy to watch a musician playing, noticing when they play and rest, how members communicate without words, and using just my ears to bring a musician to the forefront.  The Joy I feel when experiencing live music is a sensation that can only be felt.  I am quite sure I will never get enough of this!

Music has such power, it’s magical.  It can bring on emotions, memories, dreams… many things.  I am grateful for my profession.  I am obligated to become intimate with music.  I am obligated to listen to music that does NOT stir me and nearly always, it finds a way into my soul.  I am obligated to honor musicians by dancing to their music one or even two times a day.  What fun.

I offer my deep gratitude to all musicians past, present, and future.  I can dance in silence, but I prefer sound.

Dance everyone and praise to the music!